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Hotels & Condominiums

Roofing a hotel or condominium requires coordination to keep disturbances to a minimum for guests and residents. Our project managers work closely with hotel or property managers to schedule the project, minimizing the noise level and disturbances, while still ensuring that the hotel or condominium roof is completed in a timely fashion.


Roofing Flexibility for Client Satisfaction

Project Gallery IconWe can accommodate any project schedule. We offer flexible hours, to ensure that work will be performed at a time least likely to disturb guests. We work closely with hotel managers to structure the project in stages, to minimize the number of rooms that are affected at any one time, allowing hotel managers to maximize occupancy during construction.

For our condominium clients, we can also assist in presenting to association boards and other stakeholders, creating buy-in and support for your project. We also understand the importance of completing project on-time and on-budget for your condominium residents.

Our roofing teams always focus on leaving a clean and professional looking workspace while providing courteous and responsive service to members of your organization. This means that your tenants or residents will always be satisfied with the roofing work both during and after the project. With our experienced roofers, you can be assured that your roof installation or roof repair is completed in a professional manner.