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Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals

At U.S. Roofing, we understand that hospitals, medical facilities, pharmaceutical labs and facilities, and other healthcare-related buildings require a high level of care when undergoing roof installation or roof maintenance. The unique needs of your medical facility are always foremost on our mind.


Preventing Damage and Contamination

Project Gallery IconWe understand that your facility will have strict access protocols and require a high level of sensitivity to disturbances, noises and vibrations.

When working above laboratories, treatment rooms, operating rooms or other sensitive areas, we always take an extreme level of care to avoid any damage or contamination to the facility.

We create secure tie-ins between the existing roof and the new roof. Additionally, we utilize the most secure and highest-quality interior protection to isolate the construction area from other areas within the facility.


Older Buildings

Our highly trained roofing crews are experienced working on older buildings that often present difficult challenges due to older roof designs with smaller workspaces and difficult roof access.

St. Christopher's Children's Hospital Roof

Our roofing teams always focus on leaving a clean and professional looking workspace while providing courteous and responsive service to members of your organization. With our experienced roofers, you can be assured that your roof installation or roof repair is completed in a professional manner.