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High Rises

Roofing a high-rise building is often considered one of the more complex jobs a roofing company can undertake. We have a great deal of experience with this type of roofing, performing projects on many of the buildings populating the familiar Philadelphia skyline.


High Rise Roofing


Employing our own custom hydraulic hoist and cabling system allows us to convey materials to the roof and remove debris, which minimizes the need to go through offices or use elevators in the building. This means that we minimize the disturbances to staff and residents. Our custom cabling system also ensures the safety and integrity of all the roofing materials for the high rise.

We Minimize Permit Problems

High-rise roofing requires an intricate knowledge of the proper permit procedures. Due to the number of high-rise roofing projects we have completed, we have a great deal of experience with sidewalk permits, scaffolding permits, and appropriate road diversions or closures. We work closely with city government to ensure projects are properly permitted in order to mitigate downtime, allowing us to adhere to tight project schedules.

Our roofing teams always focus on leaving a clean and professional looking workspace while providing courteous and responsive service to members of your organization. Our focus on safety, quality work and responsiveness will leave you satisfied with the roofing experience and the final product. With our experienced roofers, you can be assured that your roof installation or roof repair is completed in a professional manner. 

High Rise Roofing